Knifethruhead / Straight Edge Kegger "Split" - 5 Inch Vinyl

by Knifethruhead



released December 25, 2008



all rights reserved
Track Name: Roadkill Dicksuck
Tire tracks across a furry dome
Your pet's smashed face my dick calls home
I fuck roadkill because the sex is bitchin'
Your pet sucks good dick when it's warm, dead & twitchin'
Man's best friend meets my rusty Ford
Then I pull over and stab it with my flesh sword
Reminds me of a bloody twat
Shoot my load and leave it to rot
Chorus: Roadkill Dicksuck (hella times)
Raccoon, skunk or even a possum
Squirrel, dog or cat - they all feel awesome
Aint nothing like a fresh killed deer
Grab the fucker by the antlers
And tax the motherfucker's rear.